Argumentative Essay: The Plan For High School Graduates

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A young man stood straight and tall on a podium as he received his high school graduation certificate. Simultaneously, the possibilities for his immediate future flashed before his eyes. He could pursue higher education, or perhaps enter the workforce immediately! The same teenager’s mind groaned internally as he discovered that he was being forced to complete an entire year of mandatory national service prior to pursuing his future goals. However, this young man was intelligent and positive; he began scrutinizing the situation with a unique perspective and turned what he thought was a restraint into an opportunity.

Congress is considering a plan to require all future United States high school graduates to spend one year in service before embarking on any future endeavors. This plan is beneficial all around, provided that people regard it with a positive mindset. The plan benefits the entire country, as it meets national needs and gives the country a common identity. People also learn important traits and skills while serving their country. There are some who oppose the mandatory service, but nevertheless, they only do so because they are either not open-minded or are
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This plan would benefit the entire country in various ways. Individuals would gain important traits and learn important skills. Some oppose this concept, but eventually, they will see the benefits as they learn more and become more open to new ideas. A year of mandatory national service would be beneficial to anyone as long as they embrace it in a positive way and see it as an opportunity. Ironically, this concept of national service will be most beneficial to those who dislike it, as their negative attitudes will begin to become more positive with the aid of national service. Above all, people must realize that a year of patience can lead to a multitude of years of
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