Argumentative Essay: The Prevention And Prevention Of Gun Violence

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Gun violence is something that is talked about on a daily basis. It seems every time the news comes on reporters are presenting another instance of some being shot either on purpose or accidentally. Just recently there was a mass shooting in a Florida night club and a young man killing an elderly man on Facebook live. Gun control laws need to be reviewed and pushed more to try and get more guns off of the streets. Murders are being committed all over the world with different types of guns including hand guns, rifles, semiautomatic, machine and shot guns. A vast amount of people feel they need to possess a gun for protection of their homes and families with all of the crime going on. There are so many illegals ways for people to obtain guns when they cannot pass all of the test to get them legally which makes it very hard to keep a handle on gun control. “A 2004 study of state prisoners who possessed guns during crimes for which they…show more content…
To help with gun control, “in addition to education and training programs, prevention strategies should emphasize creating safer environments. Firearms at home should be unloaded, locked in a secure place and ammunition should be separated from the firearm” (Alkan 2382). Finding ways to control guns that are getting on the street illegal will help with “42.52% of gun accidents that caused by people without a license to carry the weapon” (Alkan 2382). The problem is relevant in all parts of the world including Turkey. “Approximately 3000 people in Turkey loss their life because of firearm injury in every year” (Alkan 2379). It is an issue they may never get a handle on it with the many ways these guns are getting into people hands. It is impossible for the government to keep a track of all the illegal firearms being sold around the world. For this reason gun control will always be an
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