Argumentative Essay: The Prevention Of Drinking And Driving

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What can be done to prevent the many tragic results of drinking and driving?

One would not consider that by stepping into an automobile that they may either be in danger from a driver driving under the influence or that they themselves are at risk by drunk driving. Today our primary source of transportation is the automobile. It takes us from one place to another. It is rather safe but if a driver drives under the influence the result could be detrimental. According to the U.S. Transportation Department in 2006, there are 13,470 fatalities in crashes involving at least one driver who had a .08 or above BAC. To many, alcohol drinking is an activity done for social interaction and relaxation. Drinking alcohol is not dangerous but it is when an individual puts themselves behind the wheel. Alcohol at even an amount
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I organized my sources in that is arranged first by arguments for my topic and lastly by opposition. It is not in any alphabetical order. I wanted to discuss about the prevention of drinking and driving because the source I have was very credible. Then it is followed by different measures to help people not drink and drive. For example tougher laws in effect. Then I went about with the physical reactions from alcohol. How many drinks does it take to feel drink. Then I gave reference to the fight against hard core drunk driving. Then I wanted for people to be aware of the politics involve so I discussed about MADD fight against drunk driving. I then further gave reference to the initiative used such as road blocks and car possession because I believe tougher matters should be used to fight against any kind of drunk driving whether it is light or highly dosed. I wanted the research to not to be biased so I added a counter argument. This counter argument simply states that it is not a matter of drunk driving but a matter of drinking and driving. To the opposition social drinkers are

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