Argumentative Essay: The Prevention Of Gun Violence

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Every year thousands of lives are affected due to gun violence with a majority being murders, assaults, or suicides and many as a result of the shooter suffering from some sort of mental disorder. “The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention act of 1993 requires federally licensed firearms dealers to preform background checks on prospective firearms purchases to ensure that the firearm transfer would not violate any laws”(Federal Law on Background Checks). The Brady Act was put in place to insure people who cannot handle guns safely do not get their hands on them, yet they still do because of the illegal gun market. So what exactly is the illegal firearm market and how can it be prevented? Being such a big issue, how is this affecting firearms?
The illegal gun market or gun black market is a way for criminals, people who are affected by poverty or people who are not mentally stable to buy firearms at a fraction of what they’re worth. Many of the sellers in this market are not federally
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With that being said, what will happen to gun laws in the future? According to the Wall Street Journal “The most significant development won’t be a nationwide swing toward gun rights or gun control-but widening and entrenched gulf that will divide American politically, socially, and even technologically” (Jennifer Carlson). Jennifer goes on to say “Gun-control initiatives will follow the approach blazed by the gun lobby, shifting away from the national stage and focusing increasingly on state level efforts” (The future of guns). Many of the state gun laws vary and some states have weaker laws then others. With varying laws gun trafficking has a way to exploit federal laws by moving illegal firearms to weaker states. Having states with different laws makes it hard for the government to establish set jurisdictions and in order to do so all the states have to be on the same
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