Argumentative Essay: The Reasons Of A Senior Prank In High School

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Do you remember your senior prank back I high school? I am going to be writing an argument essay on which prank was best but instead of only seniors it will be between the Juniors,Seniors,and Staff. This essay will explain which prank I think was best and a complex reason as to why I believe what I do. First off the Juniors prank was changing the S.V. from a 15 to a 17 and for the Senior prank they trashed the school. After everything happened our evil principle had a brilliant idea to get us back and that was to have a police officer come in and give everyone a talk and pretended to arrest a girl that was involved in the senior prank. It was all fun and games until that point but in the end our principle said that it was a prank. All of the pranks were nice but to me there was one that really stood out and that was the senior prank. Just seeing the strategy that they used was very neat and had everyone involved. You could clearly tell they had to have made a large amount of time to complete such a task. According to Ms. Bayley Fee" It took the seniors quite a lengthy period of time to conduct such a prank but, she said it did cost quite a bit of money". When I watched the videos of the teachers reactions it was priceless…show more content…
There is also some rules of judging the prank; how hard was it, time taken, will, courage, and the he ability to complete the task at hand. They had almost ever senior participate and everything everyone did was very significant. This is very important to remember because it wasn 't a last minute idea like our principle 's prank was. It showed everyone 's enthusiasm and creativity in the prank. The prank was just what the seniors had imagined. It was awesome to see everything go down and happen so quickly it was a lot of

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