Argumentative Essay: The Robert Johnson Case Of Assisted Suicide

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A person should be allowed to make their own decision about their own bodies. In the event one is terminally ill without any evidence they would recover, their choice of whether or not to continue or discontinue treatment should be made up to them. I will be proving that patients are allowed to make their own decisions using the case-based approach, casuistry. And to do this I will be using the example case of an 82 year old man who decided to stop all treatment of renal dialysis. The first case I will be comparing is the Brittany Maynard case in which a 29 year old woman with terminal brain cancer wanted to die with dignity. Following that case will be the Robert Johnson case in which a premature infant had no hope to mature, but his parents wanted to continue treatment despite. The next…show more content…
She compares to the 82 year old man by that she was very ill and did not want to continue with chemotherapy treatment despite the evidence of it prolonging her life. But the side effects would prove that she would have been bedridden for most of the time and suffering considerably. The elderly man, although he has a severe illness, has a chance to recover with treatment. Brittany had 6 months to live and if she stopped treatment completely her body would carry out a long and suffering death. With the support of her family she decided that assisted suicide was her only option. This is what differs with the 82 year old patient. He does not want to pursue assisted suicide but rather die a natural death. However, what is similar is the stance of “I want to die on my own terms.” Both decide that they are entitled to their autonomy despite what is perceived as what is in their best interest. Brittany was able to successfully die with dignity in spite of the legal obstacles she faced. As can be seen Brittany maynard’s case allows us to accept the sovereignty we have of our right to die
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