Argumentative Essay: The Role Of Intercollegiate Sports In College

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Cutting sports in college is always a difficult decision for any college to make. College sports are extremely popular and are incredibly vital to some colleges. Intercollegiate sports help the college recruit new students and for funding. Some colleges though cannot afford to keep the programs, and eventually end up cutting the program completely. Community colleges are faced with dilemma in which to either to have or not to have an intercollegiate sport programs. Pellissippi State should add a $25 fee per semester for intercollegiate sports because it relates to developing a greater education beyond high school, a catalyst for other school programs, and connects the students to the institution. Although intercollegiate sports are a vocal…show more content…
These intercollegiate sport programs at community colleges offer athletes an opportunity to hone their craft if they cannot afford to go to a university. Another study said, “Athletics is just one more way of offering extracurricular opportunities that make a whole student” (Terry and Sanchez). Community college sport programs offer students who could not afford or got enough scholarship money to attend another chance to make something of themselves. It will provide them with a chance of making it to the NBA, MLB, or NFL. It will allow them to hone their craft while get an education at the same time. With them attending a community college the class sizes will be smaller and easier to manage while practicing and playing games. Many athletes are opting to do this because they can get a degree if they do not end up making a pro league. The study also said,” Enrolling in a community college and prevailing over the accompanying negative feelings, they find their place within the college, showered with support from contemporaries, coaches, instructors and community supporters” (Terry and Sanchez) 1). Attending a community college and participating in their athletic programs allows the student to hone their craft and get an
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