Argumentative Essay: The Role Of Prayer In Public Schools

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Prayer is Powerful
Should first amendment rights in America be defended? In many schools around the country, Prayer has already been banned. The American society consists a variety of different religions and the freedom of religion guaranteed to them under the first Amendment of the
United States Constitution. Our generation struggles through so much in the school systems and behind closed doors of our homes. They tend to seek the wrong attention from the wrong crowd of people that can harm and hurt our lives. Prayer is an answer that we look for in a question. It makes a change in our lives by changing the mood for that certain situation. A very long time ago , people stood for the pledge and afterwards said a word of prayer.
Well now in
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Stacy Lange, 04
Nov. 2016. Web. 02 Dec. 2016. That’s why it is so important to pray before every game . The one and most reason why prayer should be allowed back in public schools is the struggle of classes. Struggling in a class can cause so much stress to build up in you. It can lead to bad situations to where we don't know exactly how to fix those problems. With that word of
Morgan 4 prayer everyday our worries will go away and we’ll be great for the semester. Only thing we'll have to do is work hard and strive for excellent since God already is handling the rest. In an article, “ I struggled so much my first year or school . I didn't have any help , family was so far and I was distracted by all the parties and games. When I started to pray everything gotten better and I passed my exams with all A’s and maybe one B.” "Prayer for Students." N.p., 5 Sept. 2015. Web. 02 Dec. 2016 From my citations and clarification, you may see that yes , I do agree that schools should be back into public schools. Our world is being destroyed and us Baptism and other religions, can't do it by yourself. We need the help from the school system, that’s where it starts at. Our
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