Argumentative Essay: The Second Amendment To The Constitution

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The Second Amendment to the Constitution which gives us the right to Bear Arms, and our
Founding Fathers gave us that Constitution right. Gun Control is a Federal, State, and Local
Issue, and it’s the greatest concern in America. Gun Control has always been an issue with every state level. Americans agree and disagree with this issue. My opinion is Gun Control needs to have a background check on everyone that buys a gun. Today so many Officers, and innocent people are getting hurt, and Donald Trump must promise that Law and Order will be safe for all Americans, and this is what made Donald Trump get a lot of votes, by telling
American people you have the right to Bear Arms. The safety of American People is the role of a President,
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Safety for College Students must be the biggest concern, and my
Opinion is definitely keep guns out of the classrooms. Donald Trump has a lot of work to do to make sure that College Students are safe with the new gun law. I believe in Civil Rights for Americans, and our Second Amendment, but safety must be the biggest factor when dealing with the Gun Control Issues. Hillary Clinton disagreed with Donald Trump, because\ she felt that there needs to be more done on Gun Control, and Donald Trump believed in the second amendment to Bear Arms, and both parties had good issues when they were debating on this issue, and I felt that they both believed that it should be a state issue. Today, Americans feel that our Second Amendment is our Civil Rights, and protected
Our Constitution Rights, and we must all be concerned by safety first. Americans have
Freedom, and I feel that Guns were made mainly for hunting deer, and keeping Americans fed. The old days you had to have a gun to keep your family to have food for the winter,
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