Argumentative Essay: The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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The Syrian refugee crisis, a product of the civil war in Syria, has dominated headlines in the news recently. Even though there is support to have these migrants resettled, there is a major pushback against refugees going into Europe and the United States. This debate will get more heated with this being one of the main issues in the presidential campaign, with the opposition growing in numbers due to the recent terrorists attack However, the opposition 's arguments against Syrian Refugees can be boiled down to fear and ignorance. If our country listens to the fear spreading around the world today, then the people who will suffer will be the Syrian Refugees. Elizabeth Warren, a U.S. senator from Massachusetts, argues, “We face a choice, a choice to lead the world by example, or to turn our backs to the threats and suffering around us” , which clearly exposes the fact that if we succumb to fear, not only we will turn our back on the refugees, but so will many other countries (Warren Video). Letting fear affect our opinions will lead us and the rest of the globe to block Syrian Refugees. Fear has not only played a role in today’s refugee crisis, but of a similar crisis during World War Ⅱ, where Ishaan Tharoor of the Washington Post exemplifies, “Consider this 1938 article in the Daily Mail, a…show more content…
The government was hastily arresting Japanese men for acts of the breach of loyalty to America, ignorant to the fact that many of them were very loyal. Misguidance and fear are the reasons of why someone would be so hastily arrested for such war crimes with no concrete evidence of a probable
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