Argumentative Essay: The Thinking Of Random Facts About Yourself

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Some people have the idea that thinking of random facts about yourself would actually be an effortless task. One fact, I happen to be writing this the day before the due date because of two reasons. One, I have always been a tremendous procrastinator. Two, it’s surprisingly hard to pull facts about myself out of thin air. I go through the whole phase where I want all my facts to make me sound cool and interesting. Then I go through a phase where I think I have no interesting facts about myself. Last, but not least, I went through the phase where I just dug deep and found some facts that could be labeled as interesting. Obviously I would write about what I’m good at first. It just so happens that I have always been great at arguing. One time when my friend and I argued about whether or not I could win every argument. So I told her that I could argue that the sky can be pink and win, and I did. I also happen to be very sarcastic. I normally tell people that I can speak fluent sarcasm. Now not entirely sure when or how it developed, but I can remember being sarcastic even at a young age. I guess with each year I just grow more and more sarcastic. One more thing I excel at that surprises the majority of people happens to be playing piano. I guess because I play so many sports, I’ve always been athletic. My grandma started to teach me…show more content…
Of course, anyone could see this fact coming from a mile away, but I love Starbucks. Actually, addicted my be a better word choice. Every time I go to Jonesboro, I have to go to Starbucks. I also love crab legs. My dad has always said that if I ever got hungry enough, I could eat my weight in crab legs. I also have tried raw oysters, and crazy enough… I liked them. I tried them the first time I went to them beach. Now every time I go to a seafood restaurant my dad and I get a dozen of them. So, I don’t know why I enjoy such different foods, I just can’t help
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