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To my fellow men, let’s not over complicate things. If your wife is nagging you 24 x 7 it means that she is no longer attracted to you. Plain and simple. The good news is that you can bring back that attraction because you once had her attracted to you! You will notice that below tips are geared toward making your wife ultra attracted in order for you to stop her relentless nagging. Attraction is the primal and basic force in all relationship. If you’re wife is dominating you and nagging you then you have an attraction problem. A mentally healthy woman resents his husband if she is able to dominate him through her nagging. She will not respect you much more be attracted to you if you don’t eloquently handle her nagging. Remember this, a woman considers a man’s faults and infirmities as “cute” if she is ultra attracted to him. That is why people says “love is blind”. The reality is, it is ATTRACTION that makes her overlook your faults. The only thing that matters is how badly does she want to have sex with you. So first things first, your goal is to make her ultra…show more content…
Be a man of action. Talk kills attraction. To be exact, “all talk and no action kills attraction”. Don’t be fooled that good communication is “the” key to a good relationship. Even the best constructed, well mannered, psychologically good reply to a nagging wife is useless if you don’t have ACTION! The more you argue the lesser she is attracted to you. The more you make promises you can’t keep, the lesser she is attracted to you. Starting today you should strive to be A MAN OF ACTION. Example: if she steps over one of your boundaries after warning her that you will go out of the house for an hour if she continue violating your boundary… you make sure that you actually DO it! You go out of the house if she continues to violate your boundary! Take action, don’t just talk and talk. Don’t bluff, don’t lie, don’t apologize (unless you really are dead wrong like Hitler), you are the King of your
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