Argumentative Essay: The Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and juliet do not have fully developed brains. They are still teenagers, They don't have a full understanding of what love is and how it works. Romeo and juliet were under the stress of their family's. Romeo wanted to get married as soon as possible thinking that their families vendettas would end, juliet agreed and they decided to get married, As with most suicides, there is more to the story than just the ending. It’s never just that they wanted to end their life. There is always a reason a story. In Romeo and juliet the story/reason is that Romeo got false news and thought the Juliet was dead. Which lead him to getting a position that can kill 20 men. There are many things that one must know before asking “Who is to blame”. One of the sides are that people would be arguing is that Romeo and Juliet should be held responsible for this ultimate decision. Romeo and Juliet should not be held…show more content…
She was forced to, and her dad also hit her. This evidence shows us how Juliet was put in so much stress to marry someone she didn’t love.In the fight scene where Romeo’s friend died he didn’t want to fight Tybalt because they were family. Romeo and Juliet were too stressed to make the right decision. Your counterclaim paragraph goes here: On the other hand, they may argue that Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet chose to hide their love from their families instead of reveal it.The only reason that they didn’t tell their families is because they were in a blood feud. They are both and they are married to the enemies of their families. The only reason why he bought the poison was because of his friend telling him the Juliet is dead.If he never told Romeo then none of it would have happened.Romeo and Juliet were worried that something worse would happen between their families if they told them that they had gotten
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