Argumentative Essay: The Trial Of Mrs. Hutchinson

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We bring Mrs. Hutchinson here on trial for her threatening crimes against our Puritan community and Massachusetts itself. Mrs. Hutchinson has vocally attacked the standing of our churches and authority, spoken blasphemy about “God speaking directly to her”, and has gone against the morals of her sex. We have enough evidence here to take Mrs. Hutchinson to her grave.
One of Mrs. Hutchinson’s most atrocious claims is that our ministers are engaging in “faulty preaching” by saying church attendance and moral behavior are what determine if we are going to heaven or hell. Who is she, a woman more importantly, to say that our educated ministers are doing us wrong? Our community is built on the fabric of unity and our churches reinforce our state.
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Hutchinson are the meetings held in her home. The issue is that there are men and women attending these meetings. A women teaching men is simply unheard off and is disgraceful regarding her sex. Does she not know what the bible says? She claims that she does, so she should understand quite well what her place is. Women is to submit to man, not the other way around. In 1 Timothy 2:12 it says, “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence”. She is in direct violation of what the bible says!
Lastly, in my case I would like to point out the most heinous accusation Mrs. Hutchinson has made yet. She claims that God speaks directly to her and that she does not need a minister to preach to her or to read the bible. Mrs. Hutchinson has clearly violated our Puritan doctrine. By saying this, she is ultimately claiming that our state does not need organized churches or authority. She has spoken out directly against our values and our establishment.
Mrs. Hutchinson is an enemy in the eyes of our government and churches, and she needs to be dealt with immediately. She will continue to speak out against our foundation and will lead to the ruination of everything we have worked hard to

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