Argumentative Essay: The Truth Of Exotic Animals

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The Truth of Exotic Animals Across America there are people who dream and think about owning an exotic pet, they want to have a unique animal, but these animals also have unique needs. People should have the freedom to purchase an exotic animal if they choose to but before they are allowed to do that they should have to take a class and get a permit to own that animal, and they would have to meet the specific requirements so that the animal has a healthy life and the owner and other people will be safe. Exotic animals are not just your ordinary pet according to Mia Lewis author of “Do you really want a baby tiger”. Everyone should have the right to own an exotic animal as long as it is not endangered and they meet the requirements but befor you go out and purchase that animal just remember “owning an exotic pet is…show more content…
According to Zuzana Kukol a REXANO (Responsible Exotic Animal Ownership) co founder states that, “In the last 10-16 years, 1.5 people on average gets killed yearly by captive reptile, 1 by captive big cat, .81 by captive elephant .125 by captive bear, and 0 by captive nonhuman primate,” (Kukol). This is practically nothing when you look at the 45,000 from traffic accidents. To sum up, as long as you take responsibility in caring for your exotic animal there is almost a near to none chance of you begin killed. Some may say that owning an exotic animal is a threat to public safety, but this is an over exaggerated claim when you look at the facts. Scott Shoemaker another REXANO co founder quotes that “No uninvolved public has ever been killed in the USA since 1990…”(Shoemaker). This shows that owning an exotic animal is not a threat to the public and other people. To conclude, owning an exotic animal should not be banned. As long as owners follow the guidelines and requirements exotic pet enthusiasts can enjoy their animals and the public can be

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