Argumentative Essay: The Undercover Parent By Harlan Coben

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The Undercover Parent, Argumentative Essay In Harlan Cobens article “The Undercover Parent”(2008) he gives many examples that can help you decide if parents should use spyware on their child or not.I agree with coben, because I feel if you know what your child's doing you can keep them from making the wrong choices. One of my examples to support my position is the article when coben says “you shouldn't monitor to find if your daughter's friend has a crush on kevin next door.”(coben 11) This quote helps to prove my point, because it shows that spyware isn't supposed to be used in a nosy war.It should only be used for a safetynet for your children. My second example to support my position is in the article when Coben says”One friend of mine, was using spyware to monitor his college bud strait A daughter, he found out that not only was she using drugs, she was sleeping with her dealer.”(Coben 13) This quote helps to prove my point of view on spyware, because it helps to justify buying, and…show more content…
My Second and final example from my own personal experience is my cousins bad decions.My cousin is constantly playing videro games and talking in chat rooms with other people, he dosent have a clue in the world who they are or what theyve done.So one day he wanted to meet one of his xbox friends at the walmart in modesto.As my cousin arrives there to meet his “friend” he dosent recognize his friend because hes a 30 year old man.The old man invidtes my cousin to come over and play and my cousin ended up dead 3 days later. This example makes me want to get up and run to the store to get spyware and I don’t even have
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