Argumentative Essay: The Use Of Body Cameras In Courts

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Courts The use of footage from body cameras can be very beneficial in courts. Many times its difficult for juries to interpret what happened in a scene. Even when cases use evidence from mounted police cameras. They still don’t have a clear picture of everything that’s going on. Video and Audio recording can capture victim statements and witness accounts. Instead of self-serving hearsay, judges can get objective evidence of what happed.

Behavior Body cameras can reduce police misconduct because everyone can see what transpires between officers and citizens. People tend to behave better when they know they’re being watched. Cameras can also decrease the chances of dispute between citizen and police officers. We know that our society doesn’t get along with police officers in our time.

Studies In Ratio, California they conducted a study to compare the number of use-of-force incidents and complaints from previous years. They used 54 front line officers to either wear body cameras or not to wear cameras during their shift. Since then, there has been a
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In North Dakota the governor signed a bill exempting police body cam footage “taken in private place”. Bills were introduced in Florida as well. Any release of police body cam footage captured in citizen homes will be limited. In addition to body cam footages in health care, mental care, or social services.

Reaction Decisions made by officers in intense situations can be reviewed and evaluated. Constantly wearing body cameras could consider police responsible for their appropriate, and inappropriate, conduct. Imagine how body cameras could prevent cases like Baltimore and Ferguson, where there was no chance for the public to know what actually happened. Officers can no longer make false claims because video recording can be used as evidence to prove them
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