Argumentative Essay: The Valley Forge War

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The Valley Forge War is not like any other war. It’s the Winter of 1777-1778 in Valley Forge and the American colonists are at war with the British and things don’t look so good for the colonists. Would I have quit? I have decided not to reenlist for three reasons which are the freezing weather, the sickness, and I don’t want to die. The first reason I won’t re-enlist is the harsh weather. “Why are we sent here to starve and freeze?”(Waldo 151) I overheard Dr.Waldo say. The terribly cold weather is causing me to not want to re-enlist because I want to fight on the battlefield and not die from this terrible weather, and it's even colder because we don't have any shoes and very little clothing. My second reason to not re-enlist is the smallpox
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