Argumentative Essay: The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War is a hot topic, should there be war or not? Lyndon B. Johnson says yes to war and Martin Luther King says no to war. In “Speech of Vietnam” by L.B.J. he is saying why it is best to go to the Vietnam War. While in “Beyond Vietnam” by M.L.K. he is saying why it is not necessary to go to to war. The Vietnam War is what is best for America and for other the nations. The cause of the Vietnam War began with a colonial war between Vietnam and the French. The Vietnamese were trying to free themselves from a French colony. The Vietnamese leader was Ho Chi Minh, a Communist, so he received support from USSR and Red China. The French left Vietnam, so there was a peace conference in Geneva attended by France, Vietnam, the USSR, and the U.S. The peace conference achieved Vietnam being split in half temporarily, the North is communist led by Minh and the South is democratic led by Diem. Diem said Communists were attacking his government, which alerted many anti-communist nations. What is…show more content…
“Communist rule in Vietnam...would be repressive and antidemocratic..”(Farber,140). Communist rule will not be nice and beneficial to Vietnam, that is the wrong view of Communism. Their oppressive government needs to be overthrown, just like how the British were to the Americans. They got their peace and freedom through fighting. The Domino theory is if Vietnam becomes a Communist country, the rest of the dominos will fall (Farber,122). Therefore, even more nations will fall into Communism, and not be in democracy. Also, in L.B.J.’s speech “Speech on Vietnam” he says that by tackling this problem now there will be way less of a chance of a nuclear war (Johnson,3). It is better to fight this problem now because in the future it can be more violent. L.B.J stresses in his speech that by going into war there will be less nuclear weapons and less
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