Argumentative Essay: The Wall Of Jericho In America

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“The wall of Jericho” in America After thinking for a while about what is happening in America, I came to a decision to express my opinion in words. I will keep it short, ridiculous and wonderful to exploit my thoughts fully. Before he became the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump promised the Americans that he will build a wall on the US-Mexico border. He related Mexicans to drug smuggling, raping among other crimes and the wall will be the only solution since it will reduce their flow to America. However, I am worried about the effectiveness of the wall; will this wall really be the solution for the increased crimes in the US? Of course, it will prevent pedestrians and vehicles from entering America, but it won’t prevent…show more content…
The president of Mexico opposed Donald’s idea to build a wall and disagreed on the funding. But, Donald insisted on building it and force Mexico to pay for it by increasing visa tax on Mexicans entering the US. This was his own idea and he did not involve other parties. This was not a good idea. Penalizing citizens of a certain country with an excuse that their government refused to co-operate with you is going against their rights. The wall will not only prevent the foreigners from accessing America but also will lead to fall of many cities, towns and local centers along the border. As a result, it will affect the lives and economy of the people in those areas. Anyway, my interest wasn’t in the whole plan of building the wall in America, I am only putting my views to the public. It is not bad for a leader to give their people’s security a first priority. But, there was every need for Donald to seek an extensive advice and involve all the concerned parties to determine whether there is a need for a wall. It sounds good to some peoples’ ears and bad to others depending on their arguments. Remember every action you take will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Having in mind there is a possibility of loopholes. Therefore, it is good for Trump to table the issue, try to gauge which is the best way to do
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