Argumentative Essay: The War On Drugs

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The War on Drugs can be described as the campaign for forbidding the use and distribution of drugs. In some cases there can also be military intervention in hopes of reducing the trade of illegal drugs. And there have been set some drug policies in this campaign that intend to discourage the use and the production of illegal drugs. After a press conference given on 18 June 1971, the president of the United states Richard Nixon, the term War on drugs was popularized by the media. During this press conference also, President Richard Nixon sent a message to the congress as he declared drugs as the number one public enemy. In that message Nixon mentioned that he will be devoting more federal resources to the prevention of new addicts, and the rehabilitation of those who are addicted (Nixon, 1971).…show more content…
New studies by the Drug Policy Alliance (which advocates for an end to the War on Drugs), tend to show that the United States spends approximately 51 billion dollars annually on this war. In June 2011 a critical report on the war on drugs was released by a self-appointed Global Commission on Drug Policy declaring that after forty years of war , the War on Drugs has failed leaving behind it a ton of devastating consequences on societies and individuals. We see that police efforts in the last two decades to control use and production of drugs have never been higher especially after an unprecedented increase in the level of criminal justice resources added to drug enforcement
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