Argumentative Essay: The Zero Tolerance Rule

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When is the last time you got in trouble and got sent to your dean? Many kids attending school have been sent to their deans for their choices or actions. Some actions may include Drug/alcohol usage, fighting or even getting kick out for disruptive issues. Teenagers and children often get in trouble this is part of life, so they learn what to do from not what to do. This is why there shouldn’t be a Zero tolerance rule
One reason why the zero tolerance rule should be eliminated from our school rules is because as kids we sometimes don’t make the best decisions because we don’t know what to do or how to act. In this case it shows that the zero tolerance doesn’t help people from making bad decisions it just makes it worst for school students.
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Several cases have been show that some children don’t learn their lesson, so they go into the real world thinking that it is ok to do and learn from legal punishment. “Many educators tend to bend over backwards to give students more breaks than they will ever receive out on the streets of our Society” the authors of “School administration are o lenient” are trying to say that kids are getting to many chances in school and this doesn’t work and our society and people won’t allow for these chances. While they make an outstanding point there are many others ways to prepare are kids from right to wrong so they don’t make these mistakes in life. After 2009-2010 “Texas schools started to turn into schools with professional utilized SRO and security personal, security technology” and know they have more productive schools and less suspensions. This quotes shows us that if we have professional help like disciplinary schools to teach kids the right from wrong and not to make mistakes in life. Although there are some cases when kids don’t learn how to act even with some punishments it’s still proved that the zero tolerance rule has no effect and should be banished. ALL of the teen at risk article make good points showing that the zero tolerance rule doesn’t make a difference but disciplinary actions do help our school society. So next time you get sent to your dean or principle just

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