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Ronald “Ron” Villanueva is a Virginia House of Delegate member, representing the 21st district, which includes parts of Virginia Beach. Delegate Villanueva is a proud Republican who was the first Filipino American elected to the Virginia State House. Delegate Villanueva has been in office since 2010. Delegate Villanueva while first being elected by 14 votes in 2009, has been elected by over ten percent of the vote since his first election.

Delegate Villanueva is a small business owner, who holds a degree from Old Dominion University. Delegate Villanueva is very popular in his district especially within the large Filipino community in Virginia Beach. Delegate Villanueva faces an upcoming general election challenge against Kelly Fowler. Delegate Villanueva is in a very good position to be reflected once again due to three main reasons: Funding, success in richmond, and incumbency. …show more content…

This huge advantage of funding indicates the confidence in him as a legislator. To support this fact, his top 3 donors are from the state and national republican party. This fundraising advantage is a crucial part to his fortune on election day.

It is important to note that Delegate Villanueva has had strong success as a legislator in the General Assembly of virginia. Delegate Villanueva was able to get 20 bills passed an of those 20, twelve were substantially or substantive. Ten of these twelve were signed into law by the governor. This evidence of success will greatly help him on election day.

Finally, Delegate Villanueva has the advantage of incumbency on his side. He has been reelected three times all with 10+ margins against his opponents.These margins indicate his electability and popularity within his district. Delegate Villanueva is very popular and should be victorious on election

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