Argumentative Essay: Tobacco Products Should Be Made Illegal

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Ezeugo Okechukwu David
Joseph Milford
Tobacco Products Should Be Made Illegal.
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The history of tobacco dates centuries back when the people of pre-Columbian Americans introduced it. Apparently, the American natives cultivated the plant and often could smoke it for ceremonial or medicinal purposes. On his way back to Europe, Christopher Columbus came with tobacco seeds and leaves. Until the 16th century when adventurers like Jean Nicot –Nicotine named from him- made tobacco popular among most Europeans.
Tobacco is believed to have existed longer than the United States! Over three decades ago, the government of the U.S established cancer as emanating from tobacco
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Hall & Kozlowski (2017), connoted that smoking could lead to health challenges and death in severe cases, to both active and passive smokers. Arguably, smoking is not recommendable for human health, and it is highly linked to different diseases such as mouth cancer, lung cancer, throat cancer and gum cancer, all of which lead to death. Additionally, non-consumers of tobacco find a challenge especially in places where smokers are not restricted as they passive smoke the highest tobacco content, which puts their life at a threat. Cigarettes, Pipes, shisha, and tobacco are killer products. They pose threat to lives, of all people not just the…show more content…
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