Argumentative Essay Topics For Night By Elie Wiesel

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Essay topics:
Use details from the text to explain how human beings respond to life in a concentration camp. How do their attitudes, personalities, and behaviors change over time? The book Night by main character Elie Wiesel shows that when living is making your life stressful and hard you have to keep pushing forward. The novel is about a family going to a concentration camp called Auschwitz. Elie had to make some serious life choices, and choices about his beliefs and religion. Also, how his look at life and his attitude changes throughout the book is very noticeable.
What made Elie realize his life was starting to change is when the Germans create the ghetto and when they begin transporting Jews away from Sighet. Elie begins with the changing in his life, his world and his faith. When he witnessed his
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Elie and his dad at one point had that father son relationship anyone could live for, but now they both rely on each other if they need something. Elie is forcing himself to be the strongest of both of them. Elie thinks without his dad he could be living better because his dad is his “weak point”, because when someone you love is very likely to die and your love can be used by your enemies to get you to give them what they want or need. Elie looks as it as his father used to watch over him and take care of him but now it’s the other way around. He thinks that he can’t take as good of care for his father as his father did for him. Elie knew if someone ever tried to attack his father that he wouldn’t be strong enough to fight any men off. He knew all he had to do was keep his father as close as possible and you don’t always have to follow what they’ve done just keep them safe when they aren’t in the right stage to take care of themself. He knew that his father just couldn’t go any further he knew that once he felt it was time to give up he couldn’t seem to fight any longer you just have to give up hope and
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