Argumentative Essay: Tuition-Free College In The United States

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Money is essential in order to attend a university in the United States. Since President Obama’s second-term in office is coming to an end fairly soon, a re-election will be in effect. Several candidates from the republican and democratic parties have been more than willing to take his position. Currently active, there are three candidates in the Republican Party, Donald Trump, John Kasich, and Ted Cruz, and two candidates in the Democratic Party, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The Democratic Party usually attracts immigrants, blue-collar workers, women, and minorities, and tends to take a more liberal stand on important issues. The Democratic Party’s discussion of tuition-free college has been a hot topic for this presidential debate.…show more content…
The student told me a little bit about himself, saying he worked part-time in the mornings, he lived with his parents, and paid for tuition out of pocket because he falls slightly over the qualifying mark for financial aid. I asked the student, do you feel college should be free and why, and here is what he had to say:
Absolutely, no doubt about it, education should be free. It will be a huge incentive for people to want to get an education. Young people who can 't afford an education can sometimes end up trying to make a living by illegal methods. Some European countries have made it official that public education will be available to anyone at no cost. And I can 't see any detriment in the long run if the United States can adopt the same
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Since a new president will be taking office soon, topics such as tuition-free colleges need to be addressed. Tuition-free colleges are not discussed widely enough for the government to see the financial struggles of ethnic minorities university students. While the study needs to be further conducted, there has been progress as to how these students feel and are able to cope with the tuition rates so far. However, some more questions need to be asked such as, do you feel the political candidates running for president are taking an interest in college students and tuition rates? From the current participant observation, majority of the students work to support themselves financially in college, so what else is there that they struggle economically
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