Argumentative Essay: Two Years Of College

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Trying to go to college with no financial support is difficult; therefore, I agree with the government in making two years of college free for all students. Although many students attend college, most can’t afford the cost of obtaining the degree. The students who make it through college are left with the progressive debt they’ve built, due to student loans; therefore, the government granting students two years of free college will, in turn, decrease the amount of debt accumulated by students from student loans, allow students an adequate amount of time to determine what occupational field is desired, and level the playing field in the labor force for students who wouldn’t normally be able to afford college; therefore, they have no degree to…show more content…
My experiences while serving in the military were amazing; however, I don’t feel that everyone should have to make such a sacrifice just to get a college education, which is required by most jobs if you intend on obtaining a decent salary and a stable career. Many students must take out a student loans and depend on financial aid or scholarships to help them pay for their education and that ends up haunting them financially long after they graduate and start their careers. It’s a hefty price to pay for improving yourself. I believe the government granting two years of free college to students would aid students, while they’re on this journey of self-improvement, by decreasing or eliminating the amount of debt acquired; but also, by opening doors for the students who would never be afforded the opportunity due to they’re financial circumstances. I believe that the environment created from the two years of free schooling would give each student the adequate time needed to determine what occupational field is desired, and enjoy college without the stress of financial hardship. The government granting students with two years of free college would allow students to experience college close to its entirety with the critical thinking and knowledge of diverse cultures; both promising traits in preparing students for the
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