Argumentative Essay: Undocumented Immigrants

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Argumentative Essay Why do we still have an immigration issue? After all most of the immigrants live in the fear of being deported and torn away from their families. Even though they are just trying to live the American dream. This is not how our ancestors were treated since after all America is a country founded by immigrants. So undocumented immigrants should get a pathway to citizenship in America. One important reason that undocumented immigrants should be given a path to citizenship is that it is an American tradition to let other people into our country just like our ancestors did. According to (Upfront Magazine,Charles Schumer,2016) “We need to modernize and fix our immigration system to ensure that the door to America remains as open to future generations as it was to our ancestors.” What Senator Schumer is saying here is that America always let in immigrants and has formed off of immigrants and has also been where people go to be free and have a safe haven not where they get…show more content…
As (Charles Schumer, Upfront, 2016)has made clear “Without reform our immigration laws threaten to tear apart families” What Senator Schumer is trying to say here is that when immigrants are deported some of their family might be deported but one or two can stay since they have citizenship. In some cases this might be a child that the US keeps in and the family does not see each other again. Of course it would be possible to disagree with the view that deporting would tear families apart and instead argue that not deporting encourages immigrants to break more laws since they already broke one. However this argument is flawed because it is an opinion and also irrelevant to this argument. This is because this argument is about deportation tears apart families who have legal family members. And makes people live in fear every
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