Argumentative Essay: Vaccines Save More Than Lives

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“Vaccines Save More than Lives” Vaccines are the most cost-effective health care interventions available. A dollar spent on a childhood vaccination not only helps save a life, but greatly reduces spending on future health care. It is understandable that many parents believe vaccines can cause serious and fatal side effects.However, it needs to be remembered that vaccines prevent health issues.Parents should be required to have their children vaccinated because it can prevent diseases from spreading, vaccines saves children’s lives, and also they save parents’ time and money. It is a fact that vaccinations save children’s lives.One piece of evidence is before the Measles vaccination became available, “in 1963, viruses affected nearly 500,000 Americans yearly,”(Szabo 1). In fact Measles caused more than “500…show more content…
There is no question that it is cheaper to stop a sickness before it happens than paying thousands for treatment. Not to mention, the time, pain and suffering that a child would have to go through when they could have avoided it by being vaccinated. Parents have to take time out of their day, worry about their children and pay big money to treat a disease that can be avoided. Paying expenses for hospital bills and treatment can prevent parents from working which can mean that they don't get paid as much. Children who were born in the last “20 years, vaccinations will prevent more than 21 million hospitalizations and 732,000 deaths,” (Naprawa 1). Vaccinations can prevent parents from becoming bankrupt and losing there jobs. Also non vaccinations are often referred as “societal or indirect costs,” (Naprawa 2). Furthermore societal and indirect cost aren't very beneficial and cost money .For example, “Meningitis can cause up to $43,000 to treat, which is a huge amount of money that most people cannot afford”,(Naprawa 1). Having the opportunity to get your child vaccinated is way cheaper than paying hospital

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