Argumentative Essay: Voyage Of The Spanish

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Argumentative essay In 1492 spanish conquistadors went on a voyage to the americas in search of riches and power. The voyage was lead by a rich man named Herman Cortez from Spain. Upon arrival of the Spanish, they stole millions of dollars worth of gold. In order to take all the riches, they killed thousands of innocent Native Americans in the process so they couldn't stop them. The natives didn't just die from the spaniards, a large majority of them died of some kind of sickness like smallpox, measles, and pustules that were brought over from Spain. August 12, 1521 was a bad and depressing day for the Aztecs. Hernando Cortés commanded Gonzalo de Sandoval to sail the brigantines to the Indians housing area where they were sleeping and surrounded them. He explained that they had the area so hard pressed that there was no place to move or save the over the dead bodies in the rooftop. The aztecs could not find any weapon to defend themselves but swords. In the end the aztecs lost over 40,000 people. The mass loss in people had both an…show more content…
The disease was originated in egypt around 3000 years ago. The disease was spread throughout the world by trade on ship. Many leaders, soldiers and men died from this disease. Men are needed to make life and when a lot of them died the population didn't grow fast at all. New leaders needed to be elected and trained because most of the people were not qualified to step into those rolls. I feel this was more of an economic effect on the people then social because they knew that it might eventually happen to a family member. It still had an emotional effect but not as harsh as a mass killing. An economic effect was also that in those days, men did the work. Women were inside doing house work. Without men, the women that lost the man the house had to rely on the kids and she had to do more work

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