Argumentative Essay: Was Andrew Jackson A True Monster

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Andrew Jackson; a True Monster The president of the U.S., a loyal chivalrous man. His personality says hero, but his actions contradict. He murdered thousands and forced people out of their homeland. The man is none other than Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson was the definition of a monster. He made innocent people suffer by mercilessly removing them from their home. He also dueled, leading to more unnecessary deaths. First, Andrew Jackson enforced Indian Removal Act. This event is more commonly known as The Trail of Tears. The original purpose of the act was to negotiate with the Indians, not to forcefully remove them. Andrew Jackson, on the other hand, disregarded this and began to remove the Native Americans forcefully and irrationally. Andrew Jackson and his armies made the natives walk countless miles, more specifically 1,200 miles. The government made them walk without provisions and rest. Without these necessities 5000 of the natives died. Andrew Jackson is held responsible for these deaths as a result of not taking care of them. In 1840, thousands upon thousands of Native Americans were uprooted from their homes as a consequence of Jackson’s immoral action.. In 1907, indian territory was gone and the land, now emptie of natives, became oklahoma. The U.S. would be for changed and Jackson for ever remembered. In addition, Andrew jackson…show more content…
The people opposed to my view may argue that Jackson was a man of action and a war hero, hence the Battle of New Orleans. During the Battle of New Orleans, jackson lead the U.S. to victory. However, Andrew Jackson should not be considered a hero. The Battle of New Orleans was a battle that should not have happened. The battle took place after a treaty had been signed to call off the war. Also since this man was a man of action. He took no regard for opinions or laws.Therefore, these traits and actions add to the very reason of why he is a
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