Argumentative Essay: Was Marilyn Monroe Murdered?

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Was Marilyn Monroe Murdered? According to Express: Home of the Daily and Sunday Express, Marilyn Monroe was “murdered by the CIA because she knew the truth about aliens” (Austin), you know like, no big deal. I know you all are like ALIENS?? ALIENS?? ARE YOU SERIOUS ALIENS?!!! Yes, I’m serious, ALIENS! Okay, almost everyone knows that Monroe was having an affair with JFK and his brother during her time. The media started to find out about that so the Kennedy brothers soon wanted to call it quits with Monroe. They both started to “ignore” her and “wouldn’t accept her calls” (McCarthy) and that made Marilyn angry. Because of that, Marilyn threatened to tell a reporter in an interview about how JFK told her that he had “seen things from outer space” (Austin). It sounds like what JFK was referring to was aliens, a conspiracy theory all around the world that we’ve never had credible proof of. So how did…show more content…
Greer claims that he has a recording of Marilyn and JFK on the phone talking about how he had “seen things from outer space at a secret air base” (Austin). The Kennedy’s ignoring Marilyn made her angry and when your angry you make threats. So, Monroe threatened JFK and said that she would tell reporters in her next interview that JFK had told her that he has seen evidence of aliens (Greer). Not only would that make JFK angry, it would also make the CIA angry of course because they probably have the most information on aliens than anybody else; if anybody knows that aliens exist it’s the government. Now knowing that, Dr. Greer also has found a death warrant for Marilyn Monroe, made by the CIA the day of Marilyn’s death, August 5th (Greer). A death warrant is basically a piece of paper, like a file; it has the name of the person that’s going to die, it has the date, time and how it’s going to happen, but the only thing is that it was made before Marilyn actually died, which brings to the conclusion that the CIA murdered Marilyn Monroe because she knew about

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