Thou Shalt Not Be A Bystander Essay

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“Thou shalt not be a victim, thou shalt not be a perpetrator, but, above all, thou shalt not be a bystander,- Yehuda Bauer. We should not be a perpetrator, victim, and bystander, yet we have been each one more than once and continue to be them, not realizing it and changing it. I cannot say that I have never been one but I have. It doesn't matter affect me when I say I am a victim, but it is difficult to say that I was a terrible person on more than one occasion. On the other hand, it is good to identify the bad things we do to change and improve, but no one will ever be perfect because we are all human beings.
“That’s for boys and you’re a girl, hey you’re ugly.” The victim, a person harmed as a result of a crime, accident or action. I was more than once a victim, but this experience harmed my life in so many ways and it is the time to say it. My experience was not one time but it was from the sixth grade to the seventh grade. The class it was going was P.E, my last class of the day, this boy would always tell me something about things about myself. He always pointed and made fun of what I wore, how I looked and the
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I wanted to be better than everyone else in everything and I thought that I was. However, I didn't realize till now of what I was doing was not only ethnocentrism but I was being selfish and a jerk. I could have reacted by thinking before speaking and realizing what I was doing, apologizing to the ones who I offended. If I had realized sooner, I could have stopped other hurtful comments and stopped other things people were saying to one another. I never thought what people were feeling and I never saw anyone get emotional or try to defend themselves. No one ever reacted to what I was telling them and I never noticed till now, thinking about it. My reaction was far too late, otherwise, now I know that I won’t do it again and if I experience anything or see anything I will take a
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