Argumentative Essay: What Is Death With Dignity?

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Introduction Put yourself in the shoes of a terminally-ill patient for a moment. Imagine knowing that your life will come to an end within the next six months, or even sooner. Would you rather have to wait it out and fear every day that you may pass on without being able to say a final goodbye to family. or, with them close by, after you have said your goodbyes and are at peace? Most people would choose the second option. But 45 out of 50 states do not allow that option. Death with dignity should be available worldwide to competent terminally-ill patients.
What is Death with Dignity? Death with dignity is an act that has been around legally since 1994. This act allows a person who is 18 years old or older, terminally-ill, but mentally competent,
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It 's a controversial subject and there was considerable emotion in the room when we debated it. Medical advances can extend life, but if there is no quality to that life I personally don 't see the point. If others feel that way, I think they should be able to make that decision” (Kumiega. Jan. 27, 2016).

He also explained one of the main problems the senators had in passing this bill,
“Many people are uncomfortable with talking about death. Others are strictly pro-life and won 't consider it for religious reasons” (Kumiega. Jan. 27, 2016).

David Miramant David Miramant has been representing the democratic party in Maine’s 24th district since 2010 and when asked about the bill, he said,
“We worked hard on that bill and thought we had it, but at the end we lost by 1 vote. The idea that your life belongs to you is a scary proposition for some folks, and it takes a while to get used to a big change like this.” He also stated, “We had 10 to one in favor of allowing this, but the lobbyists for the Catholic Church and the American Medical Association worked hard against it” (Miramant. Jan. 27,
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