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What is the best whitening toothpaste? A question that a lot of patients ask their doctor. Practitioners in turn, make recommendations in a rather careless, empirical and often directly correlated to the medical visitor attendance of a particular laboratory.
In the minds of patients, most often influenced by advertisers that are prepared to say anything than by honest and rigorous scientist, when brushing teeth toothpaste is a necessity. They think that the foam should contain super-active microparticles to protect teeth and gums and freshness of the taste it leaves in your mouth is the ultimate proof of its effectiveness. For patients, it is unthinkable to do without toothpaste. That is why they seek the advice of a professional to find out
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But the important characteristic of toothpastes to master is his abrasiveness. Because under the effect of the increasing demand, aesthetics manufacturers have developed lines of dentifrices called "whiteners". These toothpastes are just whiting the tooth surface thanks to the addition of silica particles - i.e. sand. In everyday use, in addition to using hard brushes, these products can cause or accentuate losses of cervical tooth structure that we see every day in the clinic.
Effect of the use of toothpaste abrasive in a patient with gingival recession

The abrasiveness of toothpaste is evaluated, in part, through the RDA index (Relative Dentin Abrasivity). The best whitening toothpastes brands keep this index as low as possible to limit the risk of non-carious cervical lesions, especially if the patient presents a gingival recession and an acidic oral context. Unfortunately, corporations rarely communicate this data to practitioners.
Here are several lists detailing the RDA indices toothpastes:
As always, there is a real interest in targeting the prescription for two main

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