Argumentative Essay: What Is The Definition Of Suicide?

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Have you ever asked yourself what is the definition of suicide? Suicide is “the intentional taking of one’s own life” ( When it comes to the topic of suicide, most of us will readily agree that it’s a shame. Where this agreement usually ends,however, is on the question of whose life is it? Yours or his/hers? While some are convinced that ending a person 's life is wrong, others believe that it’s right. If the person accepts their condition and wants to end their life, doctors and people around them should respect their authority whether it’s right or wrong. In the case of Brittany Maynard, she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. The doctors had told her that she only had six months to live. According to California’s legalization assisted suicide was not appropriate. Maynard and her family had to move to Oregon, so that she could proceed in ending her life without being questioned. Brittany Maynard eventually took her life away and left those love ones behind. In addition, the fear of death can lead a person to depression such as Brittany Maynard. She was unhappy at the fact that she couldn 't enjoy her life as she used too. Maynard felt as if her world was falling apart because each day the cancer would worsen. She couldn 't live…show more content…
Furthermore, The Suicide Tourist was about a 57 year old man of the name of Craig Ewert, he was terminally ill. As a result, he couldn 't do anything on his own in fact his wife was his assistance. The disease made him not want to live. Craig Ewert states, “When you are paralyze, you cannot move or talk. Many people assume is peaceful, but they’ll never know if the person is in pain”(The Suicide Tourist). Ewert fears the suffering of death. One may think that suicide is wrong, but in the case of Craig Ewert, he was pretty much paralyzed and wasn 't able to enjoy his life as he wanted too. On the contrary, Ewert made the decision not to live, he died in his sleep peacefully and left his wife and two children
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