Argumentative Essay: Who Killed Fannin?

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On a Thursday afternoon, a racketeer named Fannin was shot dead in a lunchroom. The owner and only employee, Earnie, had reported that the murderer had leaned against the wall while firing at point-black range.The imprint of his hand is still visible. Looking at the scene, we can say that this is true, but who killed Fannin?

According to some evidence, one potential suspect can be Earnie himself. Looking at the crime scene, an imprint of a hand can be found near what is next to a pail of water and a broom, otherwise known as cleaning utensils. As a rule, the employee cleans after his own lunchroom. The cleaning utensils must belong to Earnie. Since he is the only employee, the handprint could most likely belong to him. Secondly, when looking at the
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First of all, the handprint on the wall most likely is a right hand. As a rule, one who leans against wall with their right hand has their left hand open. In this case the left hand is empty for the gun. As a rule, when aiming at something, a person uses their dominant hand. The murderer is left-handed. When looking at the customer’s eating habits, customer C seemed like the only one to be left-handed. Secondly, there are footsteps. According to the scene, we can see a trace of footsteps coming from the hand print. If we trace further back, we can see a faint footstep on the edge of the water spill. This faint footstep most likely came from one of the 3 customers. In this case, we believe it to be customer C. In all, the dominant hand, eating habits, and footsteps prove that customer C is the murderer.

To further investigate what happened during the lunchroom murder, we could dust the handprint/fingerprints to see who they belong to. We could ask the other customers that were there that day, if they knew anything about the murder. We could trace footsteps to see which ones belong to who. And if Earnie has a security camera set in his lunchroom, we could look at the

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