Argumentative Essay: Who Was Jack The Ripper

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Informative Essay There’s a question that’s been throwing historians in a loop for decades. Who was Jack the Ripper? The cold-blooded unnamed killer of London in 1888 killed around five women during his reign of terror, and yet, nobody knows who this man was. There are many suspects, but historians might not ever be sure exactly who. Mary Nichols was the first confirmed victim of the Ripper, being killed on the 31st of August, 1888. Her body was found by Charles Cross, who said that “...the woman’s throat had been slashed so savagely that her head had almost been cut from her body.”1 Annie Chapman was the second suspect. Her body was found on September 8th, 1888. Her head had been almost completely cut off, and the killer had cut off her womb…show more content…
“My great-grandfather knew who Jack the Ripper was,” Nevill told the East London Advertiser. “He solved the case—but police couldn’t prosecute because the only witness who could identify the killer in a court of law wouldn’t testify...The suspect was Kosminsky,” Nevill then reported that Kosminsky was taken to an asylum, and after that, there were no more murders. Also, forensics found the DNA of Kosminsky on one of the victims, therefore increasing the likelihood of Jack the Ripper being him.1 If you’ve heard of Jack the Ripper, you probably know about his letters. The killer wrote about 700 letters. The first letter was one known as ‘Dear Boss’, which arrived on September 27th, 1888. The letter signed off with “Yours truly, Jack the Ripper.” Up until that point the killer had been known variously as the "Red Fiend", "The Whitechapel Murderer," and "Leather Apron."1 Most of the letters consisted of mocking the police and talking about the women he was planning to kill, or killed. Jack the Ripper was an anonymous killer in 1888 who brutally murdered about five women, wrote merid letters, and might’ve been a man known as Aaron Kosminsky. He was a murderous man of mystery, and historians might still be asking who he was and what his motives were in the decades to…show more content…
She glanced over at Amy, giving her a look that said “maybe-you-should-help?” Amy simply rolled her eyes and sat next to him, helping start the fire. Their friend, John, had left a while ago to ‘Go on an adventure’, and he still wasn’t back. “Hey.. shouldn’t John be back by now? He left,” Bill looked at her phone, “Almost an hour ago.” “Do you think something happened?” Amy responded. “Maybe he was killed… by Jack the Ripper,” Anthony laughed. “Hey, stop. That’s just a stupid ghost story.” Said Bill. Amy looked between the two, ghost story? What was this about? She questioned to herself. Anthony seemed to read her mind and began talking. “There’s a tale that the ghost of a famous killer haunts these woods, and that he kills everyone who enters. He slits their throat, but only after removing pieces of their skin, the parts the human body can survive without. I heard he mostly targets women,” Explained Anthony, “And honestly, it’s the only rational explanation on why John isn’t back yet.” A smile creeped onto Amy’s face, “Yeah! I remember now. Didn’t he kill five women when he was alive? And that’s why he targets them
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