Argumentative Essay: Who's To Blame?

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Adnan Syed was convicted with first degree murder on February 26th, 2000 for killing his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee (Jones, 2016). Although on average one hundred and forty-nine people get convicted with crimes they did not commit (Ferner, 2016). Adnan may have been the ex-boyfriend, but many other people who testified their story makes it seem like he could be innocent and somebody else killed Hae. Other possible suspects include Jay, Mr.S, and someone not even mentioned in the podcast “Serial.” While there is no physical evidence tying any of them to the crime, others testimonies make it likely that any of them could have committed the crime. Adnan was Hae’s ex-boyfriend. Therefore it would make sense to blame him for her death. Friends of Adnan’s say that he was overpowering her and always wanted to be around her. They also say that he seemed heartbroken about the breakup and could have wanted to kill her, as…show more content…
Below is a picture of where Hae’s body was found. As you can see it would be hard to see the body, especially if you were not looking for it. This leads many to believe that Mr. S had something to do with the murder. Maybe he committed the crime, saw something suspicious going on so he stopped or he just happened to stumble across it. Either way Mr. S seems to be more involved into this crime than what the police say. Everything we know about him seems pretty sketchy. In fact, as you can see in the picture, the log is very massive in size and takes up a lot of space. Mr. S walked over hundred feet back into the woods and mysteriously found Hae’s body. By looking at the log it would be very hard to notice that a body was lying beside the log. Also, in reports it is mentioned that the body was covered with dirt and leaves very well. It is also stated that her body was lying face down in the ground, making it more difficult to spot a human body. Therefore it would be very hard to spot a body you are not aware of or not one that you are not familiar
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