Argumentative Essay: Why Artists Should Be In Commercials

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“Regardless of what artists may think about this shift in the music industry, there’s no arguing that they need to adapt in order to make money” (Carter 5). Endorsement deals play a big role in a musician’s career. Currently people are debating about whether or not artists should allow advertisers to use their music in promotions. Artists should allow their music to be in commercials because advertising keeps a musician financially stable and helps them reach a wider audience. Generally speaking, allowing corporations to use a musician’s music in advertising keeps artists financially stable. Although some argue that advertisers distract an artist from making music, advertising helps an artist pay bills which allows them to make more music. “It [advertising] exists to make money, and artists need money in order to continue making money” which makes ads that much more important to bands (Johnson 6). Commercials allow artists to focus more on music by keeping them financially afloat. Coates states that “Booking agents and tour managers must be paid, gas and food must be bought, t-shirts and posters must be made – all these costs add up” and the money gained on tours may not offset the…show more content…
Advertisements help pay an artist’s bills which allows them to make more music. Commercials can also help pay for the costs for tours and artists can make an innumerable amount of money. Promotions can bring a more varied audience to a musician and can help bands gain popularity. By having more people listening to an artist’s music, a musician can be given a sense of reassurance to write more songs. Recently people are debating about whether advertisers should be allowed to use a musicians’ music. The only way for an artist to survive in the music industry is to stay true to themselves and take any opportunity they can to advance their
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