Argumentative Essay: Why Being A Teen Activist?

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A teen activist is a person that sees something wrong in the world and takes everything in there power to change the world. But, it’s not easy and a long process. Like starting agencies or organizations to raise money for a cause. For example, Alex Lin. He opened up seven media centers around the world and passed a law for it to be illegal to throw away e-waste (electrical waste). Another person, is Malala she started a found to help educate kids and build schools. Teen activist also have to reach out to as many people as they can to raise awareness. Alex Libby did this by wearing a shirt that says “ I stand for the silent” and creating a facebook page against bullying. There’s also Malala that has reached out to people from TV, the news and newspapers to help kids mostly girls get an equation they need and deserve. But, the most important reason why being a teen activist is hard is because you could live in danger just like Malala and Iqbal. Malala can’t go back to her country because she might be killed and she’s already been shot in the head by the Taliban. Then, theres Igbaul that was murdered shortly after he returned from his trip to america. Being a teen activist is hard but all of these people have activated their goals of helping people and changing the world. Even if it’s hard or even dangerous because they had people that stood by their side that helped them achieve their goals like how when Iqbal was murdered he had a team of sixth graders help him fight

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