Argumentative Essay: Why Cheerleading Is A Sport

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“I am my own cheerleader. I am the one who puts my goals, who pushes myself to get the next goal.” Cheerleading is a very difficult and intricate sport that allows athletic and flexible guys and girls to perform tumbling and stunting talent. Cheerleading was created at Princeton University in 1884. When the sport first started only men were allowed. Now around 97% of all cheerleaders are females. Although many people may disagree, cheerleading is and a sport and here is why…
Some people might not know, but cheerleading requires physical activity and skill, just like any other sport. Cheerleading also requires flexibility, commitment, time, effort, and many other requirements just like football, basketball, and gymnastics do. Cheerleading is being added into the Olympics, which proves it is a sport because the definition of the Olympics is a multi- sport event.
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It requires so many skills and talent. It also requires commitment to a team. To compete on a competition floor, you must have 12 people present and up to 26 people. Cheerleading, like I mentioned, is a very tough sport because around 16,000 cheerleaders are injured per year. Another reason as to why cheer might not be a sport would be because you cheer for basketball and football players. That is very true but cheerleaders also compete so we aren’t just cheering for basketball and football players. In games we don’t just cheer we also perfect tumbling skills during time-outs and also perfect stunts, maybe being used for competitions that we were struggling with. Cheerleading also takes a lot of practice, it isn’t something that you can catch on to quickly.
Overall cheerleading is athletic and requires skill, even if people disagree. Cheerleading again is competitive, takes time, skill, commitment, and is truly a sport. Even though some people don’t consider cheerleading as a sport, cheerleading requires so much athleticism. I have to go work to perfect my state routine
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