Argumentative Essay: Why Deer Hunting Should Be Banned?

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I chose the case of the exemption for whaling because it clearly shows how globalized opinion has the power to impact villagers that may not even be aware of the discussions that their activities generate worldwide. After reading this paper you will notice that I am against this whaling ban because I have already seen the devastating force that some hypocrite laws have and what they can do to small communities, usually constituted by poor people. Just to illustrate my point, a similar case happened in Brazil, when a few years ago the government banned amateur fishing activities in the Brazilian Pantanal and thousands lost their jobs because they were not considered professional fishermen (Governo sanciona lei que proíbe pesca amadora por 3…show more content…
2. Yes, whaling ban is violating these nation’s sovereignty because they are not being allowed to do an activity that is in conformity with their legislations and that is not threatening other countries in any way. Let’s imagine an extreme situation, what would happen if other countries decided that deer hunting should be banned? How do you think that the USA would react? So I think that other countries are not being reasonable and considerate to Norwegian and Japanese traditions. 3. The problem with international panels is that there is always one country or a group of countries that have most influence within the group of participants and their decisions and views about any topic have bigger weight than all the others, so if they are against some cultural practice carried out by some other country, it is almost certain that little discussion will be made on the subject because those who have the most power already made their decisions. So I think that an alternative way would be if these panels were composed of academics with no bias or interests, getting to solutions after analyzing research data about the topic being discussed, in this case, the number of whales in nature and how whaling affects or not the
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