Argumentative Essay: Why Do People Attend College?

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College this and college that, in today's world all we hear about are the people who go to college and how great it is even though so many people never go. So what are the reasons some people don't get the chance to attend college? Some scholars like Simone Pathe say “In fact, this is the second year enrollment has fallen by that much, bringing the two-year total to 930,000 fewer college students, bigger than any drop before the recession” (Pathe). Though there are scholars like Lindsay Cook saying “Between 1980 and 2012, the overall college enrollment rates increased from 26 percent to 41 percent” (Cook). Some of the reasons why people never get to attend college varies and is a wide array of things. It can be anything from poverty to just not having the motivation to go. I believe that many kids never get the chance to go and a lot of it is money problems and a few other things.…show more content…
Now we see that it ranges anyway from poverty to not have guidance from a counselor at a younger age. All these things are very important in making kids not want to go and deterring them away. So in the future we will all have to play a part in making this change so everyone gets a chance to go to college, because it is very important and can lead to a better chance at life and a future for some of these kids and without it they might not get the chance to do what they want with their lives. Further research could have been done if I had more time. It would have progressed my paper and maybe I could have talked to some of my family members who didn't attend college and find out their reasons. It is because of them that I was inspired to write this paper in the first place. So these are the reasons why kids do not get the chance to attend college and one day maybe we all will make a change so this does not have to be the
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