Argumentative Essay: Why Do People Smoke Weed?

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Although marijuana is not a literally addicting ingredient, some people discover that mentally, they have created a reliance upon smoking weed as well as becoming high. Weed can be harmful to many areas of a person's life. It can result in isolation from friends and family, can easily lower work performance, and can cause huge financial problems. Below are a few extremely helpful methods to give up smoking weed. One very common reason that a lot of people smoke weed is because this gives them a sense of ease and may calm nerves and anxiousness. Having said that, it is not actually true. In fact, many studies have shown that the response to weed may actually result in anxiety. Part of the reason for this is that many individuals stay home…show more content…
While many people may feel uncomfortable about this at first, most discover that soon it becomes a habit, and it may well give many benefits. Meditation focuses on not thinking, not worrying about anything going on in life. You must let everything out of your mind, focus on inhaling slowly and deeply, and try to relax every muscle in the body. The physical experience from meditating for just a few minutes may feel similar to the light high gotten from marijuana. Soon after meditation, the mind additionally gets sharper and much more focused, which can help people fix the issues in their life resulting in the anxiety and stress to begin with. Even though by itself this trick might not stop the habit of smoking, it's worth a try to alleviate some of the pain associated with a drug habit. Try figuring out how much money is allocated to weed all through the year. Determine how often it's acquired, the amount that spent every time. The quantity of money spent in a year will surely surprise a person in to planning to make a transformation. Moreover, note down the positive aspects acquired from smoking, and also the drawbacks. Having a visual of just how much more harm than good pot can do will motivate you to give up

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