Argumentative Essay: Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

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Dogs are better than cats. Dogs can provide protection for you and your family from dangerous situations. Dogs can be service dogs for people who need help or they have medical problems. Also dogs have a very good sense of smell which can help with a lot of problems. In all dogs are way better than cats. Firstly, dogs can provide you and your family with protection from dangerous situations. According to the article,Pros and Cons of Cats and Dogs,”dogs offer protection, as many will bark to alert you of danger, some will even perform “guard” duties. Dogs provide very good protection towards their families when someone tries to break in or when someone is trying to hurt you. Finally, Dogs can be watch dogs when someone is in danger just…show more content…
Military dogs can help the soldiers by sniffing out the bombs and drugs that can harm the people. Some dogs can even sense that someone has cancer. According the how science measures out cats and dogs it says,” cancers, apparently, have a smell that dogs can be trained to detect, according to a growing body of research that could put dogs in doctors ' chairs to help their human counterparts detect and verify diagnoses of disease.” Dogs can also detect if someone is in good health or in bad health just my smelling their spit or even smelling their owners body. Having a good sense of smell can help someones health strongly and it can even help someone live. Although cats are cute in all but dogs are better. Dogs provide a lot of protection towards their owners which is important if you are in danger or a lot of trouble. Service dogs can help people who are in need or who need help with day to day things. Finally, dogs have a very good sense of smell which can help with police cases and other dangerous situations. In conclusion, dogs are way better than cats because they provide protection, help people with disabilities, and with their sense smell they can hunt people

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