Argumentative Essay: Why Dogs Should Be Allowed In Schools

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Adisyn Dorman
ELA 7 Dogs Should be Allowed at School
What could be better than being greeted in your classroom by a friendly dog? Despite the fact that pets are soothing, many schools won't allow any animals to be in schools for various reasons. However, trained dogs should be allowed at schools they have been proven to relieve stress, help in a medical situations, and will help you to accept and love the simple things in life. Dogs can even teach kids responsibility. The benefits of classroom interaction with dogs certainly outweigh any perceived costs or concerns. Numerous studies have also shown that interaction with dogs can relieve stress. Simply petting a dog has been shown to lower your blood pressure. Further, knowing that a dog or any classroom pet is present can help
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There are some critics that will disagree and think dogs shouldn't be able to visit schools because of children with allergies. However, kids are allergic to animals can maintain distance between themselves and the dog. They can even be in a different room. It seems unfair to punish the majority of kids who don’t have allergies for a few who may contend with allergies. These furry friends can provide companionship, help reduce stress, aid with medical or emergency situations, and even help kids appreciate the simple aspects of life. Dogs don’t judge, they are a friend to all. These are important characteristics to exhibit to students who are impressionable and looking for good…show more content…
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