Argumentative Essay: Why It Is Justified For Killing Beatty?

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Drew Mosier Argumentative Paper Sometimes in order to keep yourself safe, you have to go against laws or rules that have been set by the government and the actions you choose are in self defense. Montag is justified for killing Beatty because he needed to protect his friend that was in great danger. He was also making a public statement by standing up for what he believed needed to change in society. Additionally, He was defending his own life, not knowing what Beatty would do if he would’ve had the chance. Although he is considered a murderer for his actions now, he saved more lives by taking the one life of Beatty. Montag is justified in killing Beatty and destroying The Hound because he was protecting himself, along with his friend. Sometimes protecting a friend is the most important thing you have to do. Montag knew that he had to protect Faber’s life and killing Beatty would keep Faber safe. He was not in the wrong for doing so because he knew someone was going to die. It would either be Faber, after Beatty tracked him down, or it would be Beatty. This fear impacted Montag because he knew he was in trouble when Beatty stopped the Salamander in front of his house to burn what Beatty refers to as Montag’s new problems. In their society, if people were caught with books in their houses, their houses were burned. This fear is similar to what Malala felt in I Am Malala. The Pakistan Taliban that was terrorizing Malala’s village banned women from public places, as well

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