Argumentative Essay: Why Minorities Should Go To College

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Even though over the years more minorities have decided to go to college and get a degree, statistically speaking whites are still ahead in most enrolled and graduated in America (graph at the bottom). And it’s not because they’re smarter, it’s because of money. One of the top reasons minorities don’t go to college is because of money to afford to go to college. There’s not much help for minorities, unless you count loans and infinite debt because our debt will keep accumulating until you do leave college and by the time your settled in your career and ready to pay off your loans they would have doubled or tripled by then. One program that does help minorities in being able to go to college is the Gates Millennium scholar program. The gate…show more content…
I knew this one younger woman who lived in poorly kept housing and went to a school where education didn’t matter as much as it should. And even though her GPA met but did not exceed the scholarships GPA she was still able to win the scholarship. That’s when I realized that the scholarship is not looking for who has the best GPA or test scores, they’re looking for the student who has a story to tell but was still able to overcome it and wants better for him/herself. One of the goals of the scholarship program is to reduce financial barriers for African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American, and Hispanic American students with high academic and leadership promise who have significant financial need. And I feel that the scholarship has kept its promise to help minority students reduce the loans and debt that they will have in the near future. They also are helping minorities to have a chance to change the world, what I mean by that is that because it’s so much money to go to colleges without having scholarships, having this scholarship gives them the opportunity to compete with the best of the best and show the world what minorities can do. This scholarship program to me is effective in helping the leadership and the growth of younger students and helping them achieve the goals that would not have been an
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