Argumentative Essay: Why Organic Bedding Is Worth It

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Why Organic Bedding is Worth It
“I want to pollute the earth as much as possible,” said no one ever.
No one wants to intentionally destroy this beautiful world we live in. We see nature as something awe-inspiring, something that needs to be protected. We want to enjoy the sweet scent of a rose or the magnificent view from a mountain top, which is why we all want to take care of the earth.
Since we all want to protect the environment, everyone loves the idea of organic products. Buying organic is an easy way to do our part and live a greener life because there’s an organic option for almost everything! There’s organic food, organic clothes, and even organic bedding.
Yet, most people hesitate when they see the price tag. After all, who’s going
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Since organic bed sets never come into contact with these dangerous chemicals, neither do you. Consequently, you never need to worry about having an allergic reaction when you sleep under an organic bedspread.
Furthermore, organic fabrics are a healthier option because they discourage bacteria, dust mites, and other microorganisms from living in your bed. Organic fabrics are able to do this because of their increased circulation. This increased circulation means more water is wicked away and less water means it’s harder for microorganisms to survive and grow in your bed.
Longer Lifespan
The final reason why organic bedding is worth it is because organic comforters, sheets, and pillowcases last much longer than their cheap counterparts. For instance, inexpensive cotton bedding only lasts a year or two while an organic bed set has a lifespan of 15 years! You can even stretch the lifespan of your comforter beyond this allotted time if you protect it with an organic duvet cover.
If you want to discover more about why organic bed sets have this incredible lifespan, read How Long Do Bamboo Sheets Last?
When cheap bedding only lasts one or two years, is it really less expensive than an organic bed set? Let’s do the math to find

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